Jim Corbett National Park boasts the well-known Phato Zone, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Here, amidst the verdant embrace of the forest, tranquility reigns supreme, igniting a spark of joy and enchantment within visitors. This remarkable tourist zone, the tenth established near Ramnagar, caters to the adventurous spirit with its exciting jeep safaris.

The Phato Zone’s entrance, conveniently located at Mohan Nagar Maldhan, lies approximately 26 kilometers from Ramnagar. Embark on a thrilling wildlife expedition on one of the 50 jeep safaris offered daily, conducted both mornings and evenings for a duration of 3 hours each.

Phato Zone’s unique beauty is further enhanced by the abundance of wildlife it shelters. Tigers, the majestic apex predators of Corbett, are a common sight in this zone, significantly increasing your chances of encountering these magnificent creatures. Prepare to be captivated by the diverse fauna as you explore the picturesque landscapes of Phato Zone.

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