Corbett National Park, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, requires no introduction. Renowned as a tiger reserve, the park has witnessed a heartening rise in tiger numbers in recent years. To witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat, a captivating jungle safari is offered to tourists. This safari serves as the sole and magnificent gateway to exploring the tiger reserve’s captivating landscapes and diverse wildlife. The park is meticulously divided into six ecotourism zones, each with its own zone administration organizing enthralling safari tours.

Among these zones, Bijrani emerges as a top contender for tiger sightings, second only to Dhikala. The zone boasts a picturesque tapestry of vast, grassy plains called “Chaurs,” dense Sal forests, and a network of waterholes and meandering rivers. Its charm rivals Dhikala’s, offering equally high chances of encountering tigers, as frequently reported by safari participants. But the wonders of Bijrani extend far beyond these magnificent predators. The zone teems with a variety of animals, including the elusive leopard, the awe-inspiring Asiatic elephant, the formidable black bear, and an array of deer and antelope species like the graceful chital, the majestic sambar, and the agile hog deer. Birders will find themselves in paradise with over 600 resident and migratory bird species gracing the skies.

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