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Safari Booking and Tariff: Jim Corbett National Park

Greetings and welcome to the Jim Corbett National Park Jeep Safari Booking Portal. Visitors can arrange online Jeep Safaris or Canter Safaris for the park’s six different zones: Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhikala, Dhela, and Durgadevi. All Safari Booking procedures in Corbett are controlled by forest officers in accordance with Indian Forest Department norms. Please keep in mind that the safari zone, safari driver, and naturalist guide are all outside our control. It is exclusively determined by forest officials. Despite the fact that all zones have a high tiger population, animal sightings are quite consistent. The automatic comsputerized system monitors all of these elements to guarantee that safari vehicles are distributed evenly in their respective zones.

Jeep Safari: Pricing & Safari Zones

Price for Indian INR 7,500 / - Jeep (A maximum of 6 people and 1 child (aged 5 to 12) are permitted in one Jeep.)
Price for foreigners
INR 11000 per Jeep. (A maximum of 6 people and 1 child (aged 5 to 12) are allowed in one Jeep.)
Safari Zones
Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela, Durgadevi, Phato and Garjiya
Safari Timings
Morning 6:00 AM - 10.00 AM, Evening 02:00 PM - 6:00 PM. (Safari timing varies as the season changes)
Permission for CTR, Jeep, Driver, Permit, Entries, and Taxes.

Hotels do not include pick-up and drop-off.

Canter Safari: Pricing and Safari Zone

Price For Indian INR 2200 per person (One Canter has 16 seats).
Price for foreigners
INR 4000 per person, with 16 seats available in one canter.
Safari Zone
Dhikala Zone Only
Safari Timings
6:00 AM - 11.30 AM; 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM.

Terms & Conditions for Online Jeep Safari Booking at Corbett National Park

Corbett offers Jeep and Canter safaris exclusively in two shifts each day: morning and evening.

The morning safari runs from 6:00 AM to 10.00 AM, while the afternoon safari runs from 2:00 PM to 6.00 PM.

Visitors must transmit their passport-sized photograph needed for permit registration.

The number of guests traveling in safari vehicles should not exceed the limit, as they will be halted at the entry gate.

Tourists are responsible for their own luggage throughout the safari, and no safari driver or guide is liable for it.

Please read all of the guidelines before you embark on the thrilling Jeep safari at Corbett National Park.

Note: We are not liable for any mishap, damage, theft, or death that occurs during the safari excursion; we are only serving as a travel agency when we arrange your safari at the national park.

Dos And Don'ts in Corbett National Park

Do’s :

  • Please enter the park only after obtaining a permission, as entry into the Corbett Tiger Reserve requires one.
  • When entering the park, visitors must have a litter bag with them, and they must remove any non-biodegradable trash—such as plastic bottles, cans, metal foils, and so on—from outside the park.
  • Invest in an officially certified nature guide to help you identify wildlife and make sure you don’t get lost in the forest.
  • The park’s true treasures are the wild animals; treat them with care and keep a safe distance from them.
  • Instead of listening to your audio, take in the melodic sounds of the forest.
  • It’s best to dress in muted colors that go with the surrounding landscape, such as khaki, olive green, and various pastels.
  • When not in use, kindly turn off the lights, fans, and water taps.
  • Obtaining a clearance certificate is a must before vacating your Tiger Reserve house.
  • The tourist zone allows a maximum of six people and one children (under 12) per accommodation, so plan your excursion based on the availability of rooms.
  • Go slowly.

Don’ts in Corbett:

  • It is strictly forbidden to carry any form of firearm into the Tiger Reserve.
  • It is totally forbidden to smoke or start any type of fire inside the Tiger Reserve.
  • Within the reserve, driving after dusk is absolutely forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to cook within the National Park.
  • Playing tape recorders or transistors of any kind is not advised.
  • Please don’t drive your cars off the approved pathways and harm the surrounding flora and fauna.
  • It is strictly forbidden to drive beyond the speed limit and to honk your horn.
  • Be mindful of zones because it is forbidden for guests to enter restricted areas.
  • It is forbidden to shout at or tease animals, and doing so will result in harsh consequences.
  • It is definitely forbidden to bring non-vegetarian food into the Corbett Tiger Reserve.
  • After dusk, avoid entering the National Park.
  • You cannot transfer your permission to another person to enter a national park, therefore avoid using any dishonest tactics.

Note: Within the Corbett Tiger Reserve, you are subject to the Wildlife Protection Act’s norms and restrictions. Thus, you must strictly abide by them.

Procedure For Advance Booking: Please Supply The Following Information When Request a Reservation

Each visitor’s complete name, age, and gender as they appear on their identity cards, which must be supplied along with the amount that serves as verification

Ideal departure date and safari time (morning or afternoon)

Your unique ID card number (Pan Card, Aadhaar, Driver’s License, etc.)

Advance payment of the safari entry charge

The fees for Jeep Safari and Canter Safari are not refundable.

Please bring the ID card you used to make the online reservation.

Kindly notify us forty-five days in advance (for Indian nationals only).

Foreign nationals have 90 days to request a reservation.

For overseas visitors booking reservations, passport information is required.

First-come, first-served policy applies to the issuance of safari permits (subject to availability)

Jim Corbett Safari Important Information

Visitors must get entry permits, which are issued online (by producing the aforementioned documentation).

It should be mentioned that the admission permission to the Corbett National Park is provisional, and it can be amended or withdrawn without prior notice.

The order of the Corbett Tiger Reserve Director shall be final in this regard, and we are governed by the rules issued under the guidelines.

Your entry permit is not transferable.

Only properly registered guides can join your excursions; please do not attempt to change the guide or naturalist.

Entry into the National Park is strictly prohibited after sundown.

Day visits to the Dhikala Tourism Zone are not authorized, except for guests staying inside the forest lodges.

It is strictly forbidden to get out of the vehicle while on a jeep safari.

Since pets are not permitted within the CTR, it is best to avoid bringing them along on holiday tours.

Every visitor to the Corbett Tiger Reserve complies with the wildlife protection act’s guidelines. Thus, kindly cooperate.

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